+ Samantha Paige

Samantha Goldstone is an artist and mother with a passion for life. As a young adult cancer survivor and BRCA1 previvor, Samantha has learned to use life experiences as fuel. Her health challenges have been her greatest teachers. After 6 major surgeries and some lovely scars to show for it, she is happy to feel stronger and healthier than ever.

Samantha speaks fluent Italian and Spanish, loves to cook and takes every opportunity to travel and explore the world. She is constantly reading {real paper} books and has a strong proclivity for cookbooks. Making and appreciating art has been a love of hers since childhood. Samantha can often be found at her local farmers’ market and especially loves to visit food and antique markets and eat the local fare wherever she finds herself in her travels.

Samantha graduated Phi Beta Kappa with an undergraduate degree in 20th Century American History and African Studies from Tufts University in 1997 and earned her master’s degree in European Studies from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in 2001. Post college, she worked at the Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute and Apicius Cooking School and lived in Florence, Italy for over 2 years, honing her love of cooking and appreciation of the arts. She performed economics research for Economist Adam Posen at the Institute for International Economics (now the Peterson Institute for International Economics) from 2001 to 2003. She went on to earn a Certificate in Restaurant Management from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City in 2005. In 2009, she turned her love of jewelry making into a jewelry and lifestyle brand called Adesso, which means “now” or "in the moment” in Italian. Adesso was carried in 60 retail stores globally and had a flagship store in Santa Barbara, California. After taking some time to focus on raising her daughter, Samantha is thrilled to be curating her latest documentary art project, Last Cut, with a focus on what is most true to people and how they live it. This project is inspired by her love of the truth and belief in the great power of connection with other like-minded individuals around our most profound life experiences. Samantha lives with her daughter and dogs in Santa Barbara, California.

Artist Statement // I love the truth. I have a sixth sense about what is real. I love to connect the dots and people. I love to help others. I love to be of service. I believe we are all here for a reason. We just have to be honest enough with ourselves to figure it out.

+ Lisa Field

Lisa Field is a photographer and writer in service to beauty and connection. Her work has been featured in online and print publications, galleries and private collections. Lisa believes that being present with the totality of the human experience, the All and Everything, is the doorway to the freedom we seek, and she strives to capture that essence in her words and images. In addition to Last Cut, Lisa is currently providing photography for private clients and working on two books, one of which, Doorways Traveler, is an extension of her well-loved blog. Lisa can be found at lisafield.net.